Taking vows.

The air inside our modest suburban house is damp. The humidity levels are quickly rising as we move from a rather cool spring to a what I believe is going to be a humid summer. My hair is frizzing at rapid pace and the windows let in a cool breeze. Thunderstorms are imminent. My printer is chugging along, thankfully finally set-up properly on my make-shift desk, or rather our kitchen counter, printing out my first complete fiction piece.

This mom of three finally finished a full fiction story! Over one-hundred pages it classifies as a novella in its current state and part of me dreads the next step of editing and re-writing, but an accomplishment it is. My spring chores were put on hold, my house is passably clean on at least the ground level, no one ever goes upstairs but us anyway, my fitness goals were curtailed (truthfully I don’t need much to put those aside,) and other writing endeavours put on hold, but finally the first, first draft is done!

Our neighbourhood cardinal is still singing his morning song and the mother robin who has made a nest outside our kitchen window in a pair of flood lights chirps angrily anytime someone moves in the house. All of this is background noise to the sweet sounds of the printer that will soon complete its task and I will see my words in print. The story I have written in those moments of stolen mornings with coffee in hand in between school pick-ups and rushed lunches.

The actual craft of writing feels intimidating in this moment. Words written by those with much more experience suggest leaving the story for a bit. Taking a break. But a large part of this aspiring writer wants to continue. To take that plunge into the murky waters of a complete writer’s experience from idea to organic writing to learning the craft to attempt at publishing. I have no illusions that my little piece of fiction will garner much more than a friendly reading by those who support me and a pat on the back to “keep going,” but I still have that feeling in the pit of my stomach or that need at the end of this process to say, “I did it! I did not just pour out a bunch of words on paper but I went through the whole experience of a writer.” Where I decide to go from there is still a bit of a mystery but I look forward to the journey.

Now the question becomes, in the days ahead and the looming deadline of summer vacation when this mom is home with three small kids and a dog how do I fit in learning the craft? The answer is simple, continue how I have been doing it. Fit it in at nap time. While the kids are playing contentedly in the backyard or watching their favorite movie for the tenth time. I take a vow.

I vow to not be a superwoman/supermom but to take the best moments with my family each day and enjoy them.

I vow to let my kids to continue to learn how to entertain themselves to foster their imaginations.

I vow to keep my main floor tidy, dishes done and healthy meals/snacks prepared and otherwise let things be.

I vow to keep myself healthy.

I vow to keep on trying to delicately balance the different aspects of my life the best I can and not beat myself up when the balance tips one way or another.

I vow to just take each day as it comes.

And finally, I vow to keep writing.

Am I missing anything?


Hibernation – for humans too!

IT IS FREEZING OUTSIDE! Yes, I live in Canada and winters are traditionally cold but I live in an area of Canada that has seen mild winters for the last couple of years. This year for the first time, we actually had enough snow to take the kids sledding during the winter break and they loved it. But those were temperatures when a snowsuit was enough and the kids had their mittens off half the time.


The weather today is the bitter cold of January, the true period of hibernation. Suiting up my three little ones to trek them out to the corner bus stops is not something I can bring myself to do, so I have taken to driving them to school. It has not been too bad, we have a little more time in the mornings and it gets me out the door. Our poor dog, Jake, has not had a proper walk in a few days. After seeing another brave dog owner trekking through last night’s snow and stopping every few steps to warm their dog’s feet, I cannot face doing that with three kids in tow. On top of seeking a mature reliable babysitter, I am now looking for an occasional dog-walker. Both items come out of the budget line, “my allowance” and since I take care of the budget, I think an increase is required for the next few months until winter is over.

The last day or so I have been thinking that writing down my experiences as a Mom of three is a good start for an aspiring writer and getting a blog up, albeit a very basic one that requires much editing and “fancying” up, is a milestone. Yet, perhaps it is time my mind turned towards having a bit more structure to my daily ramblings. After all, I could ramble on for a year (which was my original plan) and see what I have at the end of it, but the hidden lover of organization and previous marketing genius craves a bit of goal setting.

How about it? Is there value in the raw words of an insider’s perspective to raising three or more children or could there be a deeper way to more thoughtfully post my stream of daily life?

Words to ponder while we hibernate…