Snow Day!

February 8, 2013

The countdown is on until Elizabeth’s 7th and Audrey’s 5th birthdays! This upcoming week is going to be full of chasing down final RSVPs, ordering cakes/cupcakes and buying decorations/loot bags for two different parties.  On top of that it is Valentine’s Day and my Mother’s birthday this week. As I have mentioned before, February is our family’s busiest month. That extra cup of coffee I am having after my quiet dinner may be well needed as I plan my to-do list.

Friday was a snow day. A massive storm piled 25 centimetres of snow in our front yard so Mr. L and I made the best of it. Heeding the warnings the night before of a possible shut down of well, everything, I awoke on Friday morning, pulled the sheer curtain back and seeing the blowing snow and the cedar tree in our front garden starting to bow in surrender to the mountain of snow in its boughs, I went back to bed snuggling under our warm blankets. A little while later our phone rang and the automated message confirmed my suspicion stating, “A message from your school board. Schools in your district will be closed for the day.”


The kids were so excited to be out of their routine. Breakfast in pj’s! Playtime! No rush to go anywhere. Mr. L had wisely moved a meeting and had decided to work from home but even he was slow moving as his first conference call was mid-morning.So they played hide and seek while I did some mandatory clean-up with Jacob following his older sisters pretending to cover his eyes and count. I think he was the most excited to have playtime with his sisters. After a refereed version of the game, we baked blueberry muffins, something I had been trying to do all week and now had time, wrote out valentines for school and then all had a bit of downtime.


We had arranged to meet a couple of other neighbour families outside mid-afternoon in hopes the snow would slow down (and to put the kids to work shovelling the driveways) and Mr. L joined us. The snow was so high in some areas, Audrey and Jacob could not move as they waded into the soft, but cold winter wonderland.  With the winds starting to pick up again and the snow still coming down, we decided it was time to head indoors where I had prepared hot chocolate, muffins and cookies for the “Waldie Street Crew.”


The scavengers went to work on the spread as Mr. L disappeared for another work call and the Moms settled onto the brown leather couches relaxing as the kids bounced from the rec room back upstairs to the kitchen for one more sip of hot chocolate, J. casually mentioned, “you realize you have seven young kids running around your house right now?”

“It’s fine.” I responded with a smile knowing that the rest of my day would be full of tidying up nearly every room of the house. “As long as they have fun. How many times do you get a snow day?”  Hearing the air hockey table being turned on in the rec room and watching Jacob grab a half-eaten oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from a random plate running for the basement leaving a trail of crumbs behind him to join the big kids (who were deciding between watching cartoons or teaming up for a tournament), I felt lucky we were all safely snuggled inside on a snow day with the only worry being whether I would have to vacuum the entire house again, or just the kitchen floor.