Another day. Another birthday.

Feb 22, 2013

It is snowing lightly and I remember heading to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Torn between not wanting to leave Elizabeth who had just turned two but leaving her in the capable hands of our live-in caregiver at the time, Mr. L and I entered the phase of our lives where our little family was about to become larger. The only pregnancy that was not fraught with health complications although painful sciatica and grumpy emotions, Audrey was not in a hurry to arrive and the planned c-section was as close to forty weeks as possible. Not being an emergency, we were bumped for a poor woman who had labored for forty plus hours. Finally, into the OR I was wheeled and in no time, we had a mad, screaming tiny 6 lbs 6 oz baby. She quietly settled in my arms and nestled in. At one point during our hospital stay I told Mr. L, this one came out mad and she will not be afraid to state her feelings.

Five years later, my passionate, life-embracing superhero has tested my patience as a person but is also the most loving and life-filled child. When she smiles and welcomes you into her circle, you run with open arms. When she bats her big brown eyes at the little boys, they all scramble to play with my curly-haired ball of energy.

Younger girl

Younger girl

When planning her birthday for this year, she was insistent we invite her whole kindergarten class. No pleading to perhaps invite just the junior kindergarten class or only the girls would do.

“But Mom,” she pleaded “I play with Amar and Grae and Emma. How do I choose?”

Her list of social acquaintances are huge and in truth when watching her, she does bounce from boys to girls to her age group and older. Always ready for a lively game of tag or hide and seek she can switch between playing house to superhero ninjas without batting an eye.

So, we invited the whole class. All twenty-eight students. In an attempt to include cousins and family friends for both girls we decided to invite the world. At the end, we had thirty-one kids confirmed. Thankfully the location we chose was an indoor playground and we smartly made the decision to have it private, meaning the whole facility to ourselves for two hours. Little Goobers is the place to go for young kids who have huge parties! It is clean, safe, huge and reasonably priced.

In any case, my Audrey was the happiest five year-old running between different social groups while eating pizza and cake. Her proclamation that it was the “best birthday party ever!” was well-worth the effort.

Having pizza

Having pizza

Whenever I think of Audrey turning five, I see elements of the girl she will become. Although still emotional and dramatic, she is starting to learn how to express herself and is very much considerate and kind to those around her. Her sensitivity to her own feeling and those around her will serve her well. Her ability to stand up for herself as well as the focus and drive to get what she wants will shape her into a force to be reckoned with.

When people ask me how I picture my little girl, I tell them, “a hockey player in a tutu.” A girl who loves Barbie and princesses but can knock down anyone who stands in her way. How much do I admire these things about her!

Happy Birthday my younger girl! May your year be full of fun, more laughter (and less tears) and love.