About Me

Who am I?


Many things at many different times in my life. Currently?  A Mom of three young kids trying to figure out this new SAHM gig. A person finally getting enough sleep (barely!) to start thinking about the next steps in her life knowing that writing is to be a large part of my journey. Someone who wants to share with other Moms and/or parents out there my experiences with the hope if they happen to stumble upon my ramblings, they will learn something new, be able to empathize and give opinions if desired.

It is hard enough being a Mom some days. Perhaps sharing a little bit of our “slice of life” will help others feel a little less alone, especially those parents with three or more because it is a bit of a club. A “are you crazy?” kind of club, but a club nonetheless.

Join me on this  journey as I figure out how parents of three or more survive being outnumbered. The question I would love to explore and of which I am asked weekly is “how do you do it?”

Let’s find out…

Twitter: @rhhouse

Instagram: rhhouse

Other blogs: Reflections of a Lady 

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