Advice from a March Break Expert

It is that time of year, SPRING BREAK! A chance to relax watching the snow slowly melt while sipping a hot floral tea taking the time to catch up on quality time with your kids.

Ummm..what? In some alternative universe that may be a reality. For this mom of three or more kids, it’s a juggling act of planned activities and free time that tests the upper limits of patience and mediation skills.

Here are some coping strategies I’m trying this year:

1. Get a firm commitment from your partner, family or wherever your support comes from for helping out a couple of days. After pleading and bribing, Mr. L agreed to take off two days and we decided to book end the week meaning Monday and Friday. Yesterday we were able to join another family for an overnight ski trip and I had help for spring skiing which was most welcome.

2. A quiet day at home is never truly a quiet day at home. Not being a fan of having the kids tied to their devices for a whole day, our quiet day at home has turned into a joint playdate. Elizabeth’s friend wanted to come over. Well, I have to manage the two other kids so my older girl and her friend can spend time together. Solution? Invite two other friends, buy a bunch of snacks, put on a pot of coffee and invite the parents to stay. All during a very specific window of time. Social and fun.

3. Book a cleaning person halfway through the week. Maybe towards the end to help clean up from above joint playdate.

4. Catch up on any missed lessons. We have piano lessons booked and ski lessons that we had to miss during the last few months. No extra costs involved since you already paid for them and takes up a whole half a day with three kids!

5. Plan time with extended family. March Break is a good opportunity for the kids to visit grandparents, cousins or whoever is around and each family will appreciate having other kids around too. Meet up for bowling or lunch.

6. If lucky enough to have convinced partner or other parent to go with you, go someplace different and avoid high traffic areas that will be filled with other families looking to keep their kids distracted. We live close to the Buffalo border. They do not have their spring break at the same time. Rochester is a couple of hours drive away and there is a great, inexpensive museum there called The Museum of Play. That coupled with a visit to Olive Garden for dinner on the way home (a great family restaurant we do not have anymore in Ontario) makes for a fun, budget-friendly day.

7. Forget about your fitness or diet routine. Let’s be realistic, it’s not happening.

8. Don’t change your plans too much. I have a regular writing group I meet every Tuesday. Mr. L needs to work late to make up for the time he’s taking off this week. I chose not to cancel the meet up but hired our babysitter. It will be heaven to get out for a couple of hours.

9. Do a bit of homework. This also makes for a good use of time and keeps the kids brains going. It could be a spelling bee, reading together, or Scrabble. You have enough kids to do stuff like that, but make sure to do a little each day.

10. Ask your kids to help out. They can tidy their rooms, put away the laundry, pick up their toys or get them in the kitchen helping prepare snacks for above mentioned playdates. Especially relevant if you have older kids. It shouldn’t all be on you and it’s good for them to learn a bit about how the household works.

Lastly, not as a point but a comment. Take twenty minutes every day and stretch, mediate, actually shower, read, nap or whatever works to help you relax and don’t wait until the end of the day to do it.  The kids can watch a coveted TV show for a short period of time. You will feel much better and be able to better mediate the next inevitable battle when someone touches someone else on the arm or stop the kids from chasing the cat to give her extra cuddles. Also, since it’s St. Patrick’s Day today, go ahead. Pour that Irish Cream into your mid-morning coffee. I won’t tell anyone.

Good luck!



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