New Year, New Possibilities

Happy New Year! December’s snowy skies with days full of holiday madness, kid holiday concerts, buying presents, food and packing or unpacking for trips or overnight excursions to my mother’s house were flanked by evenings sipping wine with friends, sharing joyous times and creating traditions hopefully to be carried forward into future years.

The quiet onset of 2014 has been a welcome respite in the last few days and for the first time my own thoughts turn towards the new year. Today as I drove through the arctic temperatures starting to shake the last few weeks of passivity off heading towards the regular routine of life, the radio stations discussed resolutions. One expert suggested that instead of resolutions, people should instead make intentions. One simple intention and work on it until that intention becomes a habit and then, set another one. The likelihood of success would be much higher when someone is focused upon a single task. 


With this idea tickling my brain back into action, I wondered what is my intention for 2014? My first intention. Fitness? Writing? Family Life? Food? Travel? 

To better understand what my intention could be, I had to think back over the past year. I checked a few things off my own personal bucket list. The majority of them fitness or travel related. I moved a few projects forward although not finishing them. 

Writing. The thing in my crazy household that is mine. The thing I have been holding off on because I feared the commitment. The single thing, the only intention that I cared enough about to set this year.

So, here it is. My intention for 2014. To finish my novel. 

Through travel, fitness and family times I will try to remember and work towards my intention. After all what is a new year for but the opportunity to move something forward? 

Wish me luck! 


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