Sweater Weather

Girls, I know you will understand this and feel the intrinsic, incredible emotion
You have just pulled over your head the worn, warm sweater belonging to a boy
Now you haven’t had a passionate kissing session or anything but you got to go on a camping trip with him and eight other people from school
You practically slept together, your sleeping bag right next to his
And you woke in the night to watch him as he slept but you couldn’t see anything ’cause it was dark so you just lay there and listened to his breathing and wondered if your heart might burst

From Meryn Cadell, The Sweater


From mytailoredlife.wordpress.com

Sweater weather. The first burst of snow has fallen down upon us here in southwestern Ontario this past week. Not here in my little city, although the cold bitter winds are blowing. As well today, I received an email from a friend of mine, from much younger days, who now lives abroad with her family. She sent a wonderfully descriptive email about a move from a busy international city to a more rural picturesque setting in Turkey with her husband and two children. I was laughing reading the note after a very hectic morning. In between dropping Elizabeth off at school after a late start to finish a presentation for school, making a snap decision to “just do it” and get all the errands done instead of going back home and then out again while trying not to think about the disaster of a dirty kitchen and unmade beds at home, I tried to remember if I brushed my teeth all while pumping gas into the dry tank. After getting gas, I took a few minutes in the parking lot, while eating my breakfast a la Starbucks drive-through, to savour her email. How crazy her whole situation sounded! It was like reading a scene from a book about a foreigner trying to navigate their landscape. I miss her.

Life gets so busy with three or more kids that you find yourself making priorities out of your priorities hourly. There are ups and downs, but with three young kids, it is a normal day to be doing homework in the morning, rushing to get bananas as your kids asked you to please stop giving them only apple slices, get gas eating breakfast on the go, shopping for dance class clothes because one wants a new activity and it starts tomorrow while praying the snow doesn’t come before all the kids have at least one pair of matching mittens, a hat, a scarf, boots and snowsuit. Then after all that it is home to a messy house. It is no wonder I flopped onto the couch thinking, “What’s next?”

This morning, I should have been running with no break. But I took ten minutes, switched a priority and read her email in detail excited to hear her news. I didn’t have time to write her back yet, but I can’t wait to reread her message and respond. Because, that for me, is a priority.    

Then, when I got home and realized I was freezing from lack of proper clothes. I was so entrenched in getting my kids their winter wear, I forgot to put on any when I left this AM. My Lululemon uniform, warm pull-on Ugg boots and t-shirt although complementing my unbrushed hair, were not that warm. So, I pulled out my first sweater of the season wishing my friend was here as I snuggled into the warmth of gray woolliness. My friend always loved a good sweater weather kind of day. 

So, enjoy the sweater weather and dress warmly! 


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