When the robins say goodbye..

For the first time last week, I felt I could breathe. Although still busy my sense of panic about finishing projects has given way to a confidence it will all get done. I’m still not sure when everything will get done, but I know it will.  My mud room is still in disarray. The winter coats are clean but the mountain still lingers in my basement ready to be put into the closet.  When you have three or more kids, those small piles of clothes get bigger and bigger as the kids get bigger and bigger!

Jacob, my little man still at home with me, is a happy go-lucky type of kid (generally) who will help me clean windows, go grocery shopping or take the dog for a walk. He’s recently dropped his naps and I am happy (cautiously so) that he seems to be pretty  well potty trained, at last! I was not sure how I would feel about him dropping his naps. The hour or so I would get each day was a break for me, a chance to drink a coffee, catch up on  emails or finish some chores. But on the upside, we can take the dog for a proper walk. I can go and get groceries and not worry about rushing home before 1 pm so  he can nap. Maybe I can go to the gym early afternoons while he plays at the daycare. The opportunities are endless!

Last week, on a sunny but cold day, Jacob sat on our bench facing the windows that overlooks our small backyard. Rabbits are constant visitors at breakfast and during the summer months, the songbirds endlessly chirp. Since moving into this house, we are always lucky to have a robin’s nest tucked into one of the floodlights and hatchlings to watch in June. Since the onset of cooler temperatures, the last of the songbirds have vacated our Southwestern Ontario area traveling to warmer climates. Who can blame them as I dig in my massive hat pile to find a clean toque? Yet, last week, as I opened the windows to let in a bit of fresh air, I noticed a couple of red-breasted friends peering at us as they sat perched on the wood fence. Hopping down to our garden they searched for any stirred up worms who had not burrowed themselves deep into the ground or for seeds from the recently trimmed bushes. Jacob got so excited he started jumping up and down,

“Mom! Mom! See! The robins!”


They chirped back at us as if to ask what we were having for lunch. After a half hour of hopping, peeking at us and enjoying the warmth of the late autumn sunshine, they flew off without a sound. It was a reminder that winter will be soon enough and being able to open the windows will be something I dream of when spring comes. However, winter also means more time. More time to spend with the kids inside playing board games, reading or watching a movie. More time to go through the closets and finally attack the cupboard of baby bottles still lingering from two years ago. It is also my last winter with a little one at home. So if I want to take a walk and search for a trace of the robins with the kids so we can say goodbye until spring, that seems more important than if my mud room is perfectly organized.


4 thoughts on “When the robins say goodbye..

  1. I really enjoyed this 🙂 I’m constantly reminded of what’s more important when I take notice of time and play with my kids. I might be annoyed at stopping what I’m doing but I have never thought to myself “boy I regret that”. If anything it’s those moments that remind me why I chose to stay home. Great piece.

    • Thanks for reading! It’s funny how we sometimes forget how basic it is…it helps take the crazy out of trying to wade through toys and mosaic tiles while stepping on another hot wheels car. My house may look like a daycare exploded some days and my backyard full of pink lawnmowers and soccer balls but the robins don’t seem to mind. 😉

      • LOL!! I adopted that phrase, organized chaos, after kid #1 when I got the first real sense there was no going back. It explains everything right there and some people get it, and some people don’t I find. I like the ones that do! Crumbs…how could I forget the crumbs? How can a piece of cake (today’s snack) turn into a crumb explosion? That is one reason we will always have a dog. Thanks for replying..it’s so nice to know we’re all out there…all in the same boat.

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