Looking for fun.

Three weeks. That is how much time is left until the kiddies are off to school. After our mini vacation to Niagara Falls, the rest of this week was much like a brisk autumn wind. Chilling my skin and waking up my senses.

The nights are cooling off as we cross out each day on the calendar realizing the end of summer is near at hand. I can already feel my pulse quickening as the inevitable drop-dead date of getting my crew prepared for back-to-school creeps closer. Quickening in anxiety as I try to mentally figure out when we are going to fit in shopping for new shoes, school supplies and clothes. Quickening in excitement as we reach a point in our family where this Mom of three will have two whole days to herself. What does that even mean? I have no concept yet. 

One of our regular babysitters had some free time this week so being a mom who will take advantage of an opportunity, booked her in for a few hours so I could focus a little bit on my own personal care including squeezing in some road biking. The Try a Tri I am training for is approaching and although my body is starting to become tired craving the slower pace of a yoga class, I am proud that I have made a semi-regular habit out of running, swimming and biking this summer. There is no set routine as I am at the mercy of other’s schedules but with a willing sitter, I was able to squeeze in a bike ride. Having to forgo the swimming this week (due to a random case of mysterious pink-eye I contacted) I am ignoring the discomfort of dry and itchy eyes and at least sticking to biking and running. Even now I am waiting for Mr. L to return from his weekly radio gig to take my borrowed white bike out for a spin followed by a brief run. My second “brick.” It is wonderful when one learns a new language! 


Combined with an impromptu ladies martini night out and fabulous adult dinner hosted by my husband’s business partner and his wife the last two nights, my heavy head would love to hit my soft pillow for a nap, but a bit of food, (Only one piece of chocolate was included in my afternoon coffee break! I am thinking the pita chips/hummus will be much better on my body.) and coffee later I will be ready to go. I hope! 

The accomplishment that I pushed myself past my innately lazy self to get moving will be a great way to start this upcoming week! Running around cleaning the house this morning before a planned visit from an out of town friend and her daughter my five year old stated, “Mom, you’re no fun!” I cringed hearing those words. 

So I go. I will ride on on the breeze of Lake Ontario and then run on the shoreline in the hopes to leave my tired self behind in the hopes that after a good night’s sleep I will awaken tomorrow morning with a clearer head in order to have “more fun” with my little brood. After all, it is a new week with planned adventures for us. What is more “fun” than that? 



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