When Being a Stay At Home Mom Sucks

I could have written this! Constantly reminding myself that my house does not need to look like a show room because frankly I would rather go for a walk with my kids after school is a daily occurence. Why oh why do we put these pressures on ourselves?
Great blog post!

Kinda Crunchy

I don’t know about you but when I hear the words “Stay at Home Mom” I imagine a woman who looks refreshed, well put-together, and confident. I thought, as a SAHM, I would be not only keeping the house clean, but making awesome home projects from Pintrest and making healthy meals from scratch. Oh man, our house was going to be awesome.

Ha. I can barely keep the floor vacuumed.

This image is a stark contrast from the reality I have experienced… and it’s not just me. Other SAHM’s seem to consistently struggle with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and insecurity. I love this meme because I feel like it really captures my reality:



So what happened? If you read my post “The Importance of Self-Care for Moms” then you know how I feel about the difficulties of juggling tasks as a mom. It just feels like our…

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