Six Sleeps Until…

The clock is ticking. Each precious minute that goes by my mind keeps spinning. What can I do now? Where am I in that mental checklist because I’ve been too busy to make a real one? Will I be able to accomplish this overwhelming never-ending list? Welcome to my hell week. 

What is hell week you may ask? Is it not a throwback term to university days where exam upon papers upon presentations were thrown at the students. The sink or swim mentality of keeping up with your studies? Yes, that is usually what the term refers to. But this week, in the life of a SAHM of three or more kids it is the week where I must pack up my family of five for our first trip overseas, get the house in some sort of semblance of tidiness in between the half jobs of putting away winter coats (thank you cool spring) and re-organizing my girls bedroom. It is also the last week of school for my kids. Teacher presents are to be wrapped. Cubbies are to be investigaged as my two girls still need assistance in that area. Quick teacher meetings to ensure their report cards will be mailed home and that they place a years worth of schoolwork into my girl’s knapsacks this week where I can lovingly pile them into a corner until we return. End of year parties to attend while still adhereing to the plethora of activities that fill our evenings such as baseball and soccer. Did I mention Elizabeth’s musical theatre play is the night before we leave? Throw in a dress rehersal or two. Don’t forget Father’s Day. Cards are to be mailed and something for Dad in the morning before we all cram into the van for our overnight flight to Israel. I can handle it. Maybe. 

Now, before another word is said. Yes, we planned our trip according to these dates. Yes, we could have planned it another time, perhaps after school was finished. However, our destination is a hot climate. The difference between June and July is the difference betwen 28 – 34 degrees celsius and 40 degrees celsius not to mention the cost of the flight doubles. When you are traveling with five people the cost of the flight is a consideration not to mention when three out of five cannot tolerate those kind of hot temperatures, the decision was clear. We would endure hell week and try to remember the end goal.

A trip with our family to see a beautiful country where Mr. L grew up. A lovely two-week visit with his father and cousins. Laying on a white sandy beach every day viewing the Mediterranean. Shopping at the Carmel Market in downtown Tel Aviv. That is the goal at the end of hell week. 


Wish me luck! Any last minute packing tips? 


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