Remembering March.

Capturing March in a blog format may take longer than this Mom’s got in a week. March was a full month. Fuller than I had anticipated craving a quieter month after the busy period of December through to February. In some ways it was quieter and in others full of activities. Yet, they were generally family oriented and fulfilling, so I gladly tucked my goals away in a one of my hot spots to tackle another day.

I may not have achieved my goals of home organization in full. After all, I am one of a thousand parents out there who try desperately to check-off that huge to-do list, and most of the time failing. But, I did get a bit done. Projects were started, phone calls and appointments set-up for April to continue on my spring home decor projects. Hot spots were cleared, although filled again within a week.

March Break was a nice change of pace with no schedule to adhere to. I let my kids run a bit wild but did get haircuts for the girls.

Hair Cuts

Hair Cuts

Mr. L even took off a few days and we took a road trip down to the Finger Lakes, NY in between the towns of Penn Yan and Hammondsport where we stayed in a picturesque lakefront cottage overlooking the beauty of Keuka Lake. We took the kids into Rochester, NY to the Museum of Play for the day which they loved! We even managed to squeeze in a visit to a maple syrup festival at the local Bronte Creek Provincial Park.


Cottage Lake Keuka

Cottage Lake Keuka


Lake Keuka, NY

Lake Keuka, NY


Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival


Easter and Passover came early this year and we celebrated with family for both holidays. Being a dual faith household, we double our holiday duties but this year it was a pleasure to see my older daughter sit fairly patiently through reading of the Haggadah, watch my Dad hunt for eggs with the kids on Easter morning and then feast on chocolate at my sister’s house for family dinner. 


Enjoying March through pictures. Now onto April and hopefully spring will appear soon!


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