A Birthday Wish For a Daughter

Feb 20, 2013

Birthday week is in full swing at our house. The last couple of weeks have flown by as I order party balloons from Party City, double-check RSVP lists, hide secret presents and organize loot bags from The Loot Lady. As much I like planning things for the kids, this is exhausting! But only four more days and my reward at the end will be a huge glass of wine, putting my feet up and a bubble bath. I already have Sunday night planned out, unless I fall asleep.

Not only do Elizabeth and Audrey have their birthdays and parties this week, we started festivities for other birthdays last weekend with an adult only dinner for my Mom and a quiet but hour-long drive to my in-laws for my father-in-laws birthday. The month of February is worse than December in some ways and I do not look forward to opening up all those credit card bills in March! On top of all of this, RRSP contributions and taxes need to be handled as well as organizing all the kids spring and summer activities. Needless to say, strategies for trying to keep calm and organized are key for me this month.

However, today is my elder girls’ special day. Elizabeth is growing up so fast, I seem to barely be able to hang on to try to remember the moments when she will still crawl into my lap or bite my lip in frustration and then amusement as she tells me “I’m brushing my hair myself – it hurts when you do it!”

Once in a while I catch a glimpse of the girl she will become. A certain phrase or look on her flawless olive complexion which is wise beyond her years, and then she hears “Gangam Style” starts shaking her bum in an awkward dance in all of her uncoordinated merriment and I see how young she still is. Her innocence is precious to me and I protect it all costs. She has never known real hurt or disappointment. She has been loved and cherished by those around her. A girl who questions everything and is curious about life and loyal to those she loves. She reminds me of a pleasant summer’s day basking in sunlight and singing off-tune a pop song she heard somewhere.

My favourite memory of her from this past year is after school one day late spring when the weather was pleasantly warm, she got out her bike as we went to pick-up her younger sister from the nearby preschool. With her blue helmet on and streamers flowing from the handles, she did not care her training wheels were still on or she was getting a bit too big for the bike. Hopping on she began leisurely pedalling down the street, ensuring to stop at every corner until I caught up pushing Jacob in the stroller.  Telling her it was okay to go ahead I noticed her weaving back and forth on the sidewalk. Worried she would tip over I picked up my pace only to hear her well-projected voice singing as she looked all around her clearly enjoying the moment.  Hanging back, I watched her as she slowed down and then sped up again until finally she stopped and without a care in the world went to pick up a few dandelions scattered across the grass. She did not care we had to be anywhere, in that moment she probably did not even remember. All she cared about was her bike, her song and the dandelions. My birthday wish for her as she turns seven is that she keeps some of that wonderment as the world (including myself) pushes her onwards. Happy Birthday my elder girl!

Elizabeth at Jack Astor's. Her choice for bday dinner.

Elizabeth at Jack Astor’s. Her choice for bday dinner.


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