How Sweet It Is

Happy Valentine’s Day!


It is the day when we show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. Full of hearts, flowers and candy we try to capture the sweetest things in one full day. As a child I remember the excitement surrounding chocolate Hershey kisses and those cinnamon hearts as candy-grams were delivered to each classroom. The anxiety as I crept into adolescence about who would send me one and who would not. A couple of years in high school I remember a matching game, where you answered random questions and then on Valentine’s Day, based on your compatibility your “matches” were sent to you for girls to giggle over all spit out by a new fangled computer.

Valentine’s Day has been fairly quiet since high school. Mr. L not growing up in the sometimes commercial holiday bonanza that is North America, had a really difficult time accepting he married a woman who relishes and deep down expects some sort of token from her sweetheart. Some years I received a card alongside a box of chocolate he picked up at the local convenience store on the way home in an attempt to celebrate the day. Other years I received beautifully expensive bouquets, never fully living up to the pictures online. Giving him props for trying, I had accepted that Valentine’s Day was just a typical day and if anything was given, it would be a bonus. Until this year.

Reading Gretchen Rubin’s – Happier at Home, she described how she took charge of these emotional days and made them fun for her family. Having a revelationĀ of my own, I thought, “Why should I have to wait for others to do something? I can do something.”


Taking a page from this awesome book, I decorated the table the night before and made tiny croissants with chocolate drops melted into gooey goodness for breakfast. The girl’s lunches had a few sweets added and you know what? It was a wonderful start to the day! That happy feeling knowing my kids were excited about Valentine’s Day and just doing something for everyone to make things a little more festive is something I think we should have more of in our everyday lives. After school the kids excitedly went through every single valentine they had received and as I tucked them into bed that night, they told me it was the best day ever.

So this year, I hope you celebrated Valentine’s Day in your own special way and had a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is

    • Thanks for reading and yes, it was a great book! Without even realizing it this past year, I’ve tried to do one special/fun thing each day for either someone in our family, a friend or myself and it really does make the hum drum of daily life a little less ordinary.

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