Golden Sunday

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A picture-perfect Sunday! It is amazing how a scaled-down weekend can be so enjoyable creating a treasure-trove of memories in only two days. For a busy Mom of three (or any parent, no matter how many children one has,) weekends are typically filled with kid-related activities, running errands and playing catch-up in all domestic matters. As parents we are always going, gulping down a coffee or tea in between gymnastics classes or grocery shopping. Amongst all of this, we try to plan quality time with our children. Sometimes because we feel guilty we did not see them during the week as much as we would have liked or simply because we want to play and chat with them catching up on their lives. Whatever the reason it seems to be a common thread stringing parents together as we compare notes while keeping an eye on our child at a swimming class, asking each other, “what are you doing with the kids this weekend?”

Growing up my Mom would take us grocery shopping most Saturday mornings ensuring to plan a fun activity afterwards. Some weekends it was heading to the local “Pop Shoppe” distribution centre to take back those small empty bottles and choose replacements. Other times it was lunch out at the new McDonald’s in the neighbouring town. (Small town gal (@rhhouse) = growing up in a small rural town.) Once in a while it was a library trip to pick out new books or a visit to my Grandmother’s house.

Sundays were for being at home. We rarely had any activities planned on a Sunday. It was a day full of board games, watching movies, baking or simply playing while our Mom made the traditional Sunday night family dinner. My father was away for most of the week, driving his big rig truck making deliveries across the country and Sunday was generally the only day he was home.

Interestingly I have fallen into a similar pattern guarding our Sundays like a fierce tiger. We do not have any extracurricular activities on Sundays for the kids. Anything we do is family oriented unless an occasional birthday or holiday changes the routine. Often Mr. L will suggest having his parents come over for dinner. My knee-jerk response is often, no! It is very difficult for me to give up the quieter, less structured day I have come to cherish where I can float into an evening after dinner puttering my way through lunch-making and laundry. It is that special time of the week where I do not feel rushed.

Unfortunately life does not always allow for every Sunday to be my “ideal Sunday.”  Looking ahead to February, the month is full of events that will make it difficult to enjoy a Sunday in the way I would choose. Actually the month ahead is our family’s busiest month! Taking this into account, I have spent this past weekend and  especially this Sunday making the most of the relative calm before the storm. Napping, catching up on newspaper reading, a spa/beauty day with my girls, cuddling and reading stories with my little guy, watching a movie with Mr. L and even attending a hot yoga class are just a few of the items I enjoyed this weekend. All of this interlaced with organizing clothes, putting away laundry, changing sheets and going through the stack of papers that clutter up my buffet counter. And it’s amazing! Feeling relaxed and energetic, I am ready to face the upcoming week/month taking with me the small memories we made like tiny drops of water to refresh myself when I feel rushed or overwhelmed. Knowing that before too long, another golden Sunday will come once again.

Are Sundays the perfect day? What is your favourite day?


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