How Parents Worry

January 9, 2013

What two-year old shows no signs of a double ear infection until his ear “explodes” at nursery school and when that happens, he doesn’t even notice? Plans are delayed today with an impromptu visit to the doctor resulting in late lunch, late, short nap and early piano lessons for the girls. Dinner time is here before I can say, “coffee break!”  I was going to get out to the gym after Mr. L got home and start my “get back in exercise routine,” plan but exhaustion has kicked in and my comfy pillow atop my blue-striped fresh sheets sound like a dream come true.

 January 10, 2013

It’s awful when your heart aches for your child but you’re not sure how to help them! Elizabeth is having some trouble at school with friends and I’m not sure the best way to counsel her. At breakfast this morning she confided that she is feeling left out of the games at school and feels as if the other girls are not picking her for their games. I could have cried, but keeping a stiff upper lip and resisting the urge to scoop her into a hug, I calmly ask her why she felt that way? Being the type of child whose strength is being a problem-solver she then told me she would try to talk  to some of the other girls in the other grades at recess and if not, just talk to her sprites.  She is a big believer in fairies and sprites and we have encouraged her rich imagination. After applauding her attempt to figure it out on her own, I gently remind her that we had started packing a book as another option instead of maybe talking to her sprites on the playground all the time. There is a fine line between encouraging her to keep marching to the beat of her own drum and navigating the increasing emotional world of little girl friendships.

Elizabeth has always been a bit of an “absent-minded professor” kind of kid. She is very comfortable talking to adults and a little shy around her own age group. Once she makes a friend she would stick to them like glue. I never envisioned she would be the type with a crowd of friends around her but with a chosen few friends who she cherished. However, in the early grades it can be hard to find like-minded little people. She was always content playing on her own, but recently in a busy big kid playground she is bright enough to be aware she is the odd girl out sometimes. She has no desire to play house or princess games like a lot of other girls and would rather play something that has some action to it or good old hide and seek. Elizabeth is one of those kids who doesn’t notice if her face is dirty or her pants are falling down and we continue to work on her public manners. She is a bit goofy with her pumpkin smile and off-beat sense of humour. I admire her but I know she may have a bit of difficult road ahead with regard to the social aspect of school. Sometimes I wish they could stay in kindergarten forever, innocent of all of this. My instincts are to ensure she knows her family all accept and love her just as she is, make some gentle suggestions to help her cope but really, this is something she has to figure out or go through so let her go through it. It’s part of daily life and she has to find the best way to deal with it. But it doesn’t stop me wishing I could hand her all the solutions on a silver antique serving tray.

My oldest girl!

My oldest girl!

Giving her an extra hug as I dropped her at the bus stop, the sunny mid-January thaw type-of-day forces me to open our windows to let in the fresh air.  Jacob and I putter around the house until it’s time to run a few errands and then off to our tykes yoga class. With a toddler, two errands are all I can fit in at one time. My active little guy will not sit in his stroller so it’s either walking (or chasing) him into the post office and then thankfully the grocery store cart is nearby as we quickly pick up some necessary items. The van desperately needs a wash, it is embarrassing. The kids are coated in dust from brushing up against it, but two out of my three kids have near hysterics when we go through the carwash so I have to time this errand when I have no kids in the van.  I have found it easier to plan most of my errands, grocery shopping, personal appointments without the kids. It’s just more efficient and some weeks, it’s the only break this mom of three gets! Who doesn’t love strolling in a store with a cup of coffee in hand?

Being early for a change to our class, Jacob is yelling, “Yoga?” down the quiet halls of the recreation centre. The building is a beautiful refurbished high school that opened up nearly two years ago but unfortunately it is not being utilized. There is so much potential in this cultural and community centre but people just haven’t found it yet. I really hope they do.

Yoga class is a hit! Jacob surprisingly remembers a few moves from a class we took last spring. It’s a small class and he is the youngest. (A fact I’m going to have to get used to as his birthday is the end of December.)

Mr. L is working late tonight so I’m on duty taking Elizabeth to her musical theatre class with two younger tired kids in tow. I had planned some nice steaks tonight for dinner but as he casually mentioned, going out the door with black briefcase in hand, he was going to grab something to eat with his partner afterwards (which meant fancy steakhouse), I put the steaks in the freezer and think we’ll have something easy like grilled cheese and soup for dinner instead. At least the house his clean today. One indulgence I cannot give up is our bi-weekly cleaner. For one hour I bask in the cleanliness of the floors and kitchen before the girls are home from school.


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