Another birthday to plan.

January 12, 2013

Mr. L’s birthday today and another December to February event checked off the list!  December to February is our family’s busiest time of year with Hanukkah, Christmas,  Jacob’s birthday, New Year’s, Mr. L’s birthday and the girl’s birthdays (not including the other kiddie and extended family birthdays that fall in the same time frame) there is lots of event planning, cake eating, presents and a Mom in the middle coordinating everything. Mr. L and I recently had a conversation and I stated my need for us to start getting away during March Break, even somewhere local where we can all just have a little R&R!

Yesterday was a bit of a scramble finalizing everything for Mr. L to menu for breakfast, wrapping presents, coordinating card creations by two little girls and finalizing dinner plans. Every year I always feel badly that his birthday is more thrown together than planned carefully.

Being a Mom of three or more with all birthdays falling at an already hectic time of year, it is imperative to have the big items pre-booked before the rush of the holiday season. It helps lessen stress levels after the holidays as parents try to get their kids back into a regular routine in early January and off their preference for sugary desserts over healthy balanced meals. All three of my kid’s birthday parties were planned and booked nearly a month ago. Now that Mr. L’s birthday is off my list, it is time to focus on the smaller details of the girl’s parties.

Tonight I have booked the babysitter, given him the afternoon to do whatever he wants and we’re heading for dinner at an upscale steakhouse. Being a carnivore, Mr. L’s favourite restaurants are old steakhouses. The more red velvet upholstery and dark lighting the better.

The weather is unusual for mid-January today. It is warm enough for a sweater and a toque. I am itching to get outside and convince the kids a walk in the fresh air will be fun if we take hockey sticks. Once upon a lifetime ago I could play decent field hockey so can actually handle a stick. Mr. L being originally from a warmer climate can’t even skate, so winter activities fall into my domain.

The girls picked out Mr. L’s birthday cake but the healthy eating conscious guy (who is in the midst of a no carb fast) blows out the candles and cuts the dark chocolate ganache cake pieces for our little brood while fondly looking at the small piece he is pretending to eat on his plate. I have to admire his willpower!

Dinner cannot come soon enough! A fabulous meal complete with appetizers, mains and wine where we can use proper utensils,  we finish our meals when they are hot instead of stone cold and relax into a proper adult conversation. What else do you need for a birthday dinner?


January 13, 2013

Too much wine at dinner last night meant a crappy night’s sleep! But overall it was a really pleasant evening. The restaurant was lovely and food was divine. Mr. L and I chatted and then took advantage of the warm trend and walked down by the lake on the boardwalk. I did not even mind walking in my spike-heeled knee-high leather boots in the mud. Watching the swans swim lazily along the shore their brilliant white a stark contrast against the black night, it was a peaceful way to end the day.

January 14, 2013

Monday morning and back into another busy week. The girls start skating lessons tonight so I was checking helmets and skates last night. Missing Elizabeth’s bus by one minute meant that I had to pack her and Jacob up a little early to get her to school before dropping him at nursery school. Mr. L was running late this morning and we had waved to him as he sped down the street in his rusty Sante Fe with expired plates (for two years!) at Audrey’s bus drop off. Little did I know that him rushing out the door meant he neglected to take our nine and a half-year old lab out for a proper walk.

Over the holidays we had a discussion how he needed to make more of an effort to take our sixth family member out in the morning, even up and down the street to help with some of the weight gain over the last year from eating Jacob’s dropped food. He had agreed, yet he was slipping back into his usual routine. Of course, our poor dog trying to get my frazzled attention, could not wait any longer and I emerged from brushing my teeth to find dog poop all down our staircase. Now this is a dog who feels so bad when he does something wrong, he hides with his long yellow tail behind his legs. Cursing under my breath, I put Jacob in a safe spot, asked Elizabeth to get ready and proceeded to clean up dog poop  knowing I would need to come back home and sanitize everything. “Oh buddy,” I sighed and muttered curse words in Mr. L’s direction already planning my phone call to him as soon as I dropped the kids off while trying not to make an already nervous dog feel worse.

After all that Elizabeth was of course late to school and being only in grade one I took both of the kids into school, all of us sweating in the wool hats and winter coats. Thank goodness one of her school mates was also late and her mother nicely offered to take both girls up to their class. Welcome Monday morning.


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