At the start of the year…an excursion.

**Note: I started writing for this blog at the beginning of 2013 not sure what shape it would take. The next few entries will be dated back starting on January 3, 2013.**

January 3, 2013

We made it back home in one piece with two out of three sleeping on the drive. Mr. L and I could actually have a conversation. It’s funny how precious those days or moments are when we actually catch up a bit. I forget how much I miss chatting to him. Audrey had gone into full melt down mode in the van before we hit the highway and then promptly fell fast asleep. We all were sharing a room which meant the kids were up later than usual and earlier than most of the other guests. We were one of the first bleary-eyed parents at the restaurant in the morning for breakfast.

waterpark-003_thumbWe braved the crowds and took the kids to an indoor waterpark resort about an hour drive from our home. It was our Christmas present to them. Travelling, even short distances with three children is exhausting. Heading to a busy waterpark where we had to have two pairs of eyes on three little ones, it would be divide and conquer. We had splurged and reserved the “junior kiddie suite.” When a family of five travels, accommodations are never easy to navigate. Will there be suites available? How big are the bathrooms? Can the girls share a bed or do we need bunk beds? Essentially the room had a separate area with two bunk beds for the girls and a small foyer  just large enough to squeeze in a pack-n-play for Jacob. Mr. L and I have been known  to stick our kids in cribs in bathrooms when travelling so a small foyer was a step-up. We have quickly learned that an excursion with three or more is an exercise in planning ahead to ensure the most comfortable resting spot as possible for everyone. It also limits where we go. When researching the few indoor waterparks within a reasonable drive, it all came down to the logistics of the room and if the package included meals.

I think the kids brains melted a little with the amount of television they watched in twenty-four hours. Usually being a stickler with TV viewing hours, the restaurant came equipped with a small television switched to Treehouse at our booth and it kept two out of three quiet for the meal, so all my rules went by the wayside. Our early start the morning after the waterpark found Mr. L and I falling asleep as the girls begged to watch, “just a little more” and at one point for twenty minutes we had one TV on in the girls bunk-room and the larger TV on for Jacob who sat on our bed in a sleep-deprived state while we happily napped after breakfast.

Overall, the waterpark was fun. The girls seemed to have a good time splashing in the wave pool with Mr. L and Elizabeth braved the slides side by side with her Dad while I forced Audrey into the toddler pool where I could watch both kids. But little Jacob hung like a spider monkey onto either me or Mr. L most of the time creating that ever-present crick in the neck when carrying a 28 pound toddler. It’s time to get that kid into swimming lessons.


Upon arriving home, our dogsitter, my much younger brother-in-law, stayed for dinner and helped watch the kids. That was great so I could actually get our luggage away instead of having it linger in the hallway for a week. As a Mom of three or more, I take help whenever it is offered! How did we end up coming back with more bags than we went with? Bedtime could not come sooner today. I am so physically exhausted that not even a glass of wine could entice me to stay awake long enough to finish watching a movie.


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